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  1. Faculty requested we rename “Early Alerts” to “Academic Alerts” to send a consistent message of concern throughout the term.
    • While the system is Starfish Early Alert, we will now refer to alerts as “academic alerts” moving forward.
  2. Students, faculty pointed out that the subject line “Early Alert…” was problematic for a) students who were being alerted later in the term and b) students receiving positive feedback via Kudos.
    • Email communications to students will have new subject lines, for example:
      • For all academic alerts: “Academic Alert for Jane Smith in General Biology I”
      • For Keep Up the Good Work: “Kudos for Jane Smith in General Biology I”
  3. Faculty advisors have requested to receive the “Daily Digest” summary email.
    • Faculty advisors will now receive a “Daily Digest” for all advisees who receive an academic alert or kudos.
    • Faculty advisors can opt out of this feature by changing their “Email Preferences” in their Starfish Early Alert profile.
  4. Faculty suggested discontinuing the use of an auto-populated instructor signature in the emails that are automatically generated to students when flags and kudos are raised.
    • The email templates have been revised to notify the that notify a student that a flag flags or kudos has been raised . Course name have been revised. There is no longer a signature line with the instructor's name but the course name and instructor name are also included included in the body and the subject line respectively, along with any personalized comments you add.   There is no longer a signature line.
    • Sample communications for all flags and kudos can be found here.