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Information about the SMFL Safety Training Policies and procedures


SDS Information

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The SMFL maintains it's MSDS SDS database of Standard Chemistry on this wiki.

The MSDS SDS listing of Approved Researcher Chemistry can be found here





  • There are several computers in the cleanroom - the easiest ones to access for MSDS SDS information are:
    • Gowning
    • Wet Etch 1
    • Wet Etch 2
  • These computers are all marked with the yellow /black MSDS SDS sign above them.


Special Chemical Hazards


  • The SMFL has a large number of chemicals available for use in the facility. There may be times when a chemical needed for a project is not stocked in the SMFL.
  • Before any chemical can be brought in, it must be signed off by the SMFL. This applies to all users whether they are internal or external.
  • The SMFL Imported Chemical Worksheet needs to be filled out and submitted with the MSDS SDS before the chemicals can be brought into the lab.
    • Fill out sections 1,2 & 6 and bring to T. Grimsley in 17-2511 for review and signoff.


  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) will now be referred to as SDS (Safety Data Sheets).

As the GHS labels must contain specific information, users are no longer able to make their own chemical labels as was the case with the previous system.

All chemical labels are to be provided by the SMFL