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  1. Due to the change in the academic calendar the Academic Progress survey dates have been adjusted.  They will be available as follows for this year:
    • Academic Progress survey 2171-1 will be open weeks 4, 5, and 6
      • Opening Monday September 18th @ 7am and closing at 11pm on Sunday October 8th.
    • Academic Progress Survey 2171-2 will be open weeks 8, 9, and 10
      • Opening Monday October 16th @ 7am and closing at 11pm on Sunday November 5th.
  2. The Academic Alerts and Kudos have been updated as follows:
    • Attendance/Participation
    • Low Assignment/Quiz/Test Scores
    • Multiple Academic Concerns
    • Performance Improving
    • Keep Up the Good Work

  3. Roster Verification Pilot: The University Writing Program, and the Math and Physics Departments are participating in a pilot survey to help identify student who have not shown up to RIT.  This is in addition to the No Show survey that YearOne YearOne (RIT365) completes annually. The following courses are participating:
    • MATH-161, 171, 181, 181A, 182, 182A
    • PHYS-111, 112, 207, 211, 211A, 212, 216, 217
    • UWRT-100, 150