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This project requires that you have (or borrow) a device for recording video, such as a webcam, phone, or tablet. Videos will be first uploaded to YouTube so that you can self-caption them. After you have captioned your video you will submit it to GoReact for review and feedback. GoReact allows us to provide feedback that is time-coded to specific points in a videoshare your YouTube URL in the myCourses Discussion area. This process takes time, so do not procrastinate until the last minute when uploading and captioning your speech videos.

STEP ONE: Record/upload your video to YouTube


STEP THREE: Copy the URL of your YouTube video

1) In order to share your video you next need to copy the URL. To do this, click the Share link under the video, then copy the URL.

STEP FOUR: Create a GoReact account and link Paste your YouTube URL

1) Click on the GoReact URL that is unique to this course:

2) Create an account using your RIT email.

3) Open the activity created for this assignment (the first assignment is the Introductory Speech).

4) Click the + Upload button. Then, enter a Title for your video and paste your YouTube URL in the Video File box and click Save

Note: DO NOT record or upload video files directly to GoReact,  ONLY link YouTube URLs.

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What will happen next?

You'll notice that when you play your linked videos in GoReact, the YouTube captions will not appear. To make the captions appear, RIT Teaching & Learning Services Media Services and Access Services must work together to convert your YouTube video with closed captions into an open captioned video (one with the captions burned into the video). Within 24 hours of linking your YouTube video into GoReact, the linked file will play with open captions and will be ready for peer and instructor review. Refer to myCourses for peer review instructions.

Note: If you use ASL, your video will be voiced over and captioned.

For your reference


in the myCourses Discussion area under the appropriate Discussion topic

1)Log into myCourses

2)Navigate to the Discussion area

3)Open the appropriate discussion topic and start a new Thread

4)Click the Insert QuickLink icon from the toolbar, select URL and paste the YouTube URL

5) Include a subject line for your post and click POST

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For your reference