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  1. Access Starfish through: 
    1. myCourses by clicking the Access Early Alert link or Starfish button or the hyperlink
    2. SIS by clicking the blue Starfish button in your faculty/advisor center 
      Image Removed Starfish tile on the Teaching, Advising & Support page
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  2. From the home pageStarfish homepage, click Appointments.the navigation MenuImage Added in the upper left corner of the screen and click Appointments
  3. Click Group Session Image Modified.
  4. In Title enter a name for the office hours advising session. Students will be able to see this so make be sure it is clear, i.e. Student Appts, Student MeetingsGroup Advising, Group Session, Group SessionAdvising
  5. In When? select the frequency of the sessions and the date.
    1. Depending on what you select you will need to update the meeting pattern.
  6. In What time? set up the start time and end time for the meeting block.
  7. In Where? select the location and add any details or instructions (this info is included in the location details of the email sent to the student).In Reason select .

  8. In Reason select a reason from the list. NOTE: The student will have to select the same reason when they schedule themselves into a group meeting.

  9. In How many students? enter the maximum number of students that can sign up for the session.
    Image Modified
  10. Check the box next to Allow students to see other students who have signed up if you would like the students to see who else has signed up for the session.

  11. Leave the Support Supplemental Instruction box unchecked. 

  12. In Instructions you can enter instructions for the students that will be included in the email sent to the studentsstudent.

  13. Select a Start/End Date if the session is recurring.
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  14. Click Submit at the top or bottom of the Add Group Session form. 

  15. You can see your new group session on the Starfish homepagein the Recent Changes panel.
  16. Or your Appointment calendar 
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  17. This is how it will appear on your Starfish calendar Appointments tab.
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  18. When you have an upcoming Group Session (with registered attendees) it will display in the Appointments panel.
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Note: As students sign up for the group session, the advisor will receive an email update to the outlook Outlook meeting. The email will say "New Participant" and list all of the current participants as well as the newly added participant