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This answer is for the Project Management courses only. View the following links for the answer to this question for the other programs:

What do I need to do to pass the course? What is the minimum passing grade for a certificate?

In the RITX Project Management courses (PM9001x, PM9002x, PM9003x), you must complete weekly graded activities (quizzes and assignments) and a timed final exam. You must get a cumulative grade (Total score) of 73% 80% or higher in order to pass the course. You can view your Total score on your Progress Page.

If you want to get a certificate, you must upgrade to verified before the deadline listed on the course Home Page and pass the course with a 73% 80% or higher.

Do I have to get a


80% on each graded activity to pass?

We only look at your cumulative grade (Total score). This means that you can get a lower grade on some quizzes/assignments and a higher score on other quizzes/assignments, as long as your Total score at the end of the course is 73% 80% or higher.

If I miss or fail a quiz or assignment, can I still pass the course?

Since there are many quizzes and assignments throughout the course, if you miss/fail one or miss/fail a couple of them, each one of them is worth a small percentage of your grade. Collectively, quizzes are worth 20% of your grade and assignments are worth 30% of your grade. You may still be able to pass the course as long as you do well enough on the remaining graded activities to achieve a Total score of 73%80%. Be sure to submit your graded quizzes and assignments well before the due date to avoid any missed or lost points.


Since the one final exam is worth 50% of your grade, if you miss the final exam, you will have missed 50% of the available points for the course. It will be impossible to pass with a 73% 80% if you miss 50% of the points. If you have a schedule conflict and you know you cannot complete the final exam, we recommend enrolling in a future offering of the course.  If you fail the final exam, it is also unlikely that you will pass the course, unless you only fail by a little bit and did exceptionally well on the remaining graded activities to achieve a Total score of 73%80%.



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