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Can I complete the course/exam first, then upgrade to verified?

For instructor-paced courses, you cannot Since audit learners do not have access to graded activities, you are not able to complete the course first in full, and then upgrade to verified.  The verification upgrade deadline is at a set time during the course, and the deadline is listed on the course Home Page. For MicroMasters Capstone courses, you must verify before you gain access to Capstone Exam/Project/Lab materials.  For self-paced courses, the verification deadline is at or near the course close date, so you can complete all materials then upgrade to verified. The deadline and course close dates are listed verify.  To gain access to the full course and receive a grade, you need up upgrade to verified by the deadline listed on the course Home Page.

View the course enrollment page and/or Syllabus to see the pacing for your course.

For all courses, you are able to complete the course as an audit (free) student first, and then enroll for a future offering of the course as a verified student.  If you do this, you will need to complete all graded activities again since your progress is NOT saved, and graded activities may change from one course run to the next.



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