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Comment: details about timed exams


The final exam in each of the RITx Project Management courses is conducted during in the last week section of each course. It is a timed exam. For the final exam questions, you will be given a real to life project scenario/background information and asked a specific question. You will need to apply your learning of concepts from throughout the course to select the best answer.


  • Testing Location: You can complete the exam anywhere with an internet connection, and can use a laptop/desktop computer or mobile device. The exam is done in the edX platform, similar to how you completed quizzes and assignments. You do not need to go to an exam center.
  • Attempts: You will have one attempt for each question in the exam. You can stop and come back to finish the rest of the exam questions later if needed (as long as it's completed by the due date). You do not need to complete all of the questions in one sitting.Time Limits: The exam is not timed, but there is only a week between the time the exam releases until it is due.  You must complete the exam in that one-week timeframe.  We cannot grant extensions or change the exam window time
  • Time Limits: The exam is timed. The length of time allotted is provided on the "About the Exam page" in the course as well as on the screen before you agree to start the timed exam.  Cast study material is provided outside of the timer window so that you can spend as much time as you wish with the case before agreeing to start the questions. 1.You can start the final exam as soon as you are ready. You do not need to wait for a certain date to start it. Once you start the questions, you must complete all questions within the time limit. You can skip questions and come back to them, or do questions out of order, but any questions left unanswered when the timer runs out will receive 0 points.
  • Use of Materials During Exam: Students can reference back to any section in the course to aid in the completion of the final exam.
  • Types of Problems: Multiple choice, checkbox, numbers/letter fill-in (sequencing/matching), dropdown select.  There is no writing component nor math calculation needed.
  • Accommodations for Learners with Disabilities: Contact the course team.


In the week before the exam, we We will provide you with the following materials in edX: