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  • Students will not see their courses listed until one week (7 days) before the start date of record on SIS.

  • Instructors will receive upcoming courses eight weeks before the start date of record on SIS.

  • If you are unfamiliar with the start date on your course please check the course details on SIS.


  1. In the My Courses listing on the Home page of myCourses, click the folder tab for the Semester.
    The semesters are arranged in descending order. The most recent semester you have classes in will be to the left following the All tab.

    We have an article explaining RIT Semester Codes, to help understand what these codes represent.


    You will not have a Semester tab or All tab if your account only has courses in one Semester available to you. If you are new to RIT and only have courses assigned to you under a single semester that semester will be displayed right away for you.

    The semester is indicate on the course block, following the course title.

    You will see the All tab and Semester tabs once you get courses assigned to you that are in different semesters or categories.

Pin courses to the top of the listing


Search for courses

You can search for courses by in two ways.

When you are searching, you can search on any combination of:

  • Part of the title
  • Part of the course number
  • The semester code

If I was looking for BIOL.101.01 - Intro to Biology (BIOL10101.2191), I could search on 101 2191 for example. This would show me search results for all "101" course I have access to in the Fall 2191 semester.

Search method 1

The first place you can search is available throughout most pages on myCourses, the course selector menu "waffle" icon found at the top of the page.

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Clicking this icon will show a menu to quickly select pinned and recently access courses. At the top of the menu  is a search field where you can search for courses.

Search method 2

This is only available on the home page.

Below the course listing click the View all Courses link.

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The page you are taken to has a search field where you can search for courses.

Pin courses to the top of the listing

Pinned courses appear at the top of the listings they are on. They will be at the top of the All tab, the top of tab of the semester they are offered, and at the top of the listing under the course selector menu "waffle" icon.

  1. Point your mouse at the course you wish to pin. A button labeled … appears at the top-right of the course icon.

  2. Click the … button and select Pin from the menu.

  3. The course is now listed under the Pinned heading and will always be shown at the top of the list.

  4. Pinned courses can also be easily accessed through the Course Selector waffle icon found at the top of most pages throughout myCourses.

    Pinned courses are always at the top of the listing and highlighted with a blue background.


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  • Development
  • Faculty Portfolios
  • Courses, Non-Credit
  • Sandbox
  • Training



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