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Barnes & Noble FacultyEnlight is an online content search, discovery and adoption website that allows faculty to research and adopt textbooks in one convenient place.

This integration offers two links; one for faculty to research and select materials, and one for students to make their purchase of the selected materials from the bookstore.


Third-party integrations for myCourses have different support contacts and support resources, please

The use of third-party integrations in courses is at the discretion of the instructor with the understanding that many of these of these tools have support and documentation provided by their publisher, not RIT's Academic Technology Support. Most third-party integrations are not actively monitored RIT's Academic Technology Support and may be subject to unexpected changes or service interruptions from their publishers. Please refer to the documentation below for information specific to this integration.


Table of Contents

Technical Support Contacts

Vendor Technical Support

Support for the FacultyEnlight integration is provided by the Barnes & Noble bookstore.

RIT Technical Support

Academic Technology Support can assist instructors with inserting the External Learning Tool in to their courses on myCourses. After this link has been inserted, all further support for this third-party integration is provided by the vendor technical support contact noted above.

Adding FacultyEnlight to your Course

Content Integration

FacultyEnlight is accessed in your course through two links added to your Content

  1. Enter the course you wish to add FacultyEnlight to.

  2. Go to Content using the link on you navigation bar.

  3. Click on the module you wish to add the FacultyEnlight link to, or create a new module.

  4. Click the Add Existing Activities button and select External Learning Tools.

  5. In the Add Activity window click on Barnes & Noble - Research and Adopt Materials to select it.

  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5, this time selecting Barnes & Noble - Purchase Course Materials to add it.



Documentation and support from this point forward is now provided by the vendor, Barnes & Noble.