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h1. myCourses Help and Resources

myCourses is the course management system of the Rochester Institute of Technology. The course management system allows instructors and students to interact and access course materials online. A variety of tools are available to instructors to promote interaction and provide resources for the students in their courses.

h1. Access myCourses at: []
h2. Search myCourses Help and Resources

h2. myCourses Summer Update Overview
For details regarding the myCourses Summer Update of May 24th visit: []

{panel:title=Getting Started|borderStyle=solid|titleBGColor=#FEFBEB}
Resources to help new users get started with the basics of myCourses.
* [Get Ready for myCourses|myCoursesHR:Get ready for myCourses]
* [Basic Introduction|myCoursesHR:Basic Introduction]
* [Additional Instructor Information|myCoursesHR:Additional Instructor Information]
Documentation, tutorials, frequently asked questions, and known issues for the tools found in myCourses.
Administrative information on how myCourses integrates at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Course Shell Request, Course Merge Request forms.
Check the status of the myCourses servers, myCourses monthly schedule maintenance periods, review communication policies, and how to receive myCourses news and alerts. 
h5. Email: []

h5. On Campus Students

*Information & Technology Services Service Desk*
*Phone*: 585-475-HELP (4357) or 585-475-2810 TTY
*In Person*: Gannett 7B-1113
*Hours of Operation*: []

h5. All Faculty and Online Students

*Academic Technology Support*
*Innovative Learning Institute*
*Phone*: 585-475-2551 (Press 2)
*Hours of Operation and Instant Messenger contact*:\\ []
{panel:title=Additional Resources|borderStyle=solid|titleBGColor=#E0E0E0}
{link-to:news}myCourses News{link-to}\\
{link-to:pages updated}Recent Changes{link-to}