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Whether you logged in with SSH or FastX, it important that you know how to navigate the terminal. Through the terminal you will do most of the work for your research with Research Computing, including but not limited to : creating and editing files, loading software, and running jobs. If you have never used a terminal before, start by learning some Basic Unix Commands and how to use a Text Editor.

Transferring Files

You must use a file transfer method to get files on and off your Research Computing account. Linux and Mac users have a built-in command that they can run, but every platform can take advantage of a software to do it for you. We currently provide documentation for using FileZilla and in the future we will be using Globus. However, these are not your only option; if you are logged onto a computer with a graphical interface via FastX you can use web applications like Dropbox.

View File Transfer documentation.

SLURM – The Cluster Scheduler