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How can the Data Analytics and Visualization in Health Care course help me in my career/job?


The explosion of technology and data analytics in health care has influenced everything from how patient care is delivered to how processes, products, and key strategic decisions are developed. Health care professionals who have expertise and skills combining clinical knowledge, technology, and analytics will be well-positioned to advance their career and make a difference for patients, policy, and the future of health care. In addition, the demand for health informatics jobs is projected to grow more than twice the rate for all industries.

This course will cover:

  • Terms and concepts in health care that will help us all "speak the same language".
  • Key components of health information technology.
  • Factors of data exchange, standards, privacy, and security.
  • Components of a successful data analytics program in health care.
  • How to communicate data in ways that are easy for others to understand.



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