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Equipment Required

Fuselage with Parachute MechanismUUT
Debug/Test probeTo inject messages into the firmware control system

Test Results

ResultTest failed. Prerequisites not met. Existing prototype does not fly, so this test cannot be completed.
Date23 November 2020
SignatureMutahir Mustahsan
CommentsParachute itself does work. Was tested by attaching a payload and it did lower decent rate and minimize damage however full system was not completed therefore full test could not be compelted

Testing Steps

  1. Send the emergency shutdown message to the main flight controller
  2. Observe the output of the main flight controller. Motor powerdown messages should be observed, and control surfaces should return to idle.
  3. Observe the parachute bay.  The servo holding the cap shut should release after the emergency shutdown message has been received and the motor powerdown messages have been acknowledged.

Change Log

23 April 2020Initialization
23 November 2020Updated Test Results


Team NameP20123
Date23 Apr 2020
AuthorAndy Meyer