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Equipment Required

CAD softwareVolume of craft estimation-
To-Scale 3D printed model of fuselageWater litmus testing-

Test Results

ResultTest failed. Prerequisites not met. Existing prototype does not flyhave a physical fuselage, so this test cannot be completed.
Date23 Nov. 2020
SignatureBen M Morgan Palmer

Testing Procedure

  1. Use CAD software to obtain estimation of fuselage volume.
  2. Calculate, using a standard value for water density, the potential buoyancy of the fuselage.
  3. 3D print a to-scale model of the fuselage with no gaps (as one piece).
  4. Put in a basin of water. As soon as the craft touches the water, begin timing.
  5. When the craft is completely submerged in the water, stop timing.
  6. Record results and iterate to ensure repeatability.

Note: As the wings cannot be perfectly sealed, they will be assumed jettisoned in the event of a water landing while further research is done into the buoyancy of wings. As the wings are mostly balsa wood they will probably have a better buoyancy than the fuselage anyway.

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Team NameP20123
Date23 April 2020
AuthorBen Palmer