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During Meeting

Zoom meetings can have the following services during the meeting:


  • Human-typed captions (typically from an Access Services Captionist). 


Children Display

Note that automatic captions and human-typed captions cannot be used together in the same meeting. However, ASL interpretation can be paired with either captioning option.

Additional Information

In the Recording

If you follow the instructions provided in the above links, the cloud recording will retain the human-typed captions and/or ASL interpretation.

Additionally, Zoom will automatically generate captions on the recording, which can be edited by the instructor. Review Automatic Captioning on Zoom Recordings for details.


Can students download the transcript/captions from Zoom?

  • Human-typed captions during meeting: Captions typed by a captionist during a meeting can only be downloaded while the meeting is active. They will be viewable as closed captions on the recording but not able to be downloaded as a file from the recording. Before the meeting starts, verify that the "Allow participants to save fully closed captions or transcripts" setting is turned on at When the meeting is ready to end, alert all participants. The students can click Save closed caption history to save a copy of the typed captions before they leave the meeting.

  • Auto-generated transcript on recording: While viewing the recording, the students select the text of the transcript on the right side panel, copy it, and paste it into a document to save the text. Timestamps and speaker tags will be included.

I don't have supported students in my class. Do I need to caption my Zoom recordings?

Faculty with supported students must caption their course materials according to RIT policy. Faculty with no supported students should caption their course materials according to RIT policy.

If you do not have supported students:

  • Zoom can auto transcribe cloud recordings. Recordings take a long time to process and then transcribing takes a long time after that. For the most accurate transcription you should speak clearly and at a reasonable volume. It should be set to auto transcribe by default, but check your Recording settings to be sure.

  • After Zoom auto transcribes, review and edit the auto captions for accuracy. Only the person who originally scheduled the meeting can do this. 

  • Currently there is no way to add a separate transcript to a Zoom recording. You can only caption through live captioning or by editing the auto-transcription.