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What is


the RIT Wiki?


Wikis are collaborative websites that multiple people can view and edit. They can be used for a variety purposes including collaboration, course or project management, as a knowledge repository, for document sharing and editing, or as an easy to edit Website or Intranet.

What is Confluence?

In 2008, RIT adopted the Confluence wiki product to build and host its wiki spaces. Produced by Atlassian, an Austrailan software development company, Confluence was selected for its versatility, in-depth user resources, competitive cost, ability to self-host, and long list of academic partners.

The RIT Wiki is a collection of Confluence wiki spaces built and maintained by RIT faculty and staff, and supported by the Teaching & Learning Services department Studio in the Wallace CenterInnovative Learning Institute.

Editing and viewing permissions on each RIT wiki space are determined by individual wiki owners. Your wiki can be private or open to the world!

For information on teaching and learning with a wiki, please see the related Teaching Element on Wikis.

Vendor Documentation

The primary documentation for the wiki is provided by the wiki vendor.

Please ensure you are reviewing the documentation for the version number noted above. The vendor indicates the version at the top of each page while viewing.


The vendor documentation may list features or settings not available at RIT. If you have any questions please contact Academic Technology Support for clarification.


How Do I Use This Resource?

This space is home to all of the resources available for the RIT Wiki - including documentation on how to get started with your wiki space, best practices, wiki FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions and more. To use this space, click on one of the links in the table of contents navigation to the left.
The Confluence user guide and complete documentation is available through Atlassian's website  



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