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RIT's Code of Conduct for Computer and Network Use, it respects RIT's Information Access & Protection Standard, and it is an appropriate use of RIT resources.
titleWiki spaces are only available at the request of RIT Faculty or Staff
  • Wiki spaces for course work must be requested by the instructor of the course.
  • Wiki spaces for student groups must be requested by a Faculty or Staff advisor.
  • In all cases the faculty or staff member is expected to maintain oversight of the space to ensure it respects


  1. Personal Wiki Spaces: Faculty and Staff may activate a Personal Space on their account without submitting a request to support.  A personal space can act as a practice area to learn the wiki or try things out, or other activities such as housing your research or managing personal projects. To turn on your Personal Space right now, please follow these instructions.


  2. Course Wiki Space: Use this form to request a wiki space for an individual semester of a course. Academic Technology Support will add your classlist to the wiki space granting your students access.
    Please use the Course Wiki Space request form request form.
    You must be logged in to follow with a Faculty or Staff account to access this link.

  3. General Use Wiki Space: This wiki request form is best for projects that are not associated with an official RIT course. General wiki spaces do not have a course number, and therefore have no students or instructors. Examples of general wiki spaces include wikis for club or student organizations, committees for university projects and initiatives, wiki spaces serving as a template for others to copy, and departmental documentation.

    Please use the General Use Wiki Space request form request form.

    You must be logged in

    to follow this link.

    Copy an Existing Wiki Space/Template: Use this form to request a copy of an existing wiki space already hosted under the server. This form is frequently used for course wiki spaces, where the entire wiki space needs to be copied to a different semester. This allows a new set of students to interact with the newly-copied wiki space. If you are requesting a copy of a course wiki space for an upcoming semester, Academic Technology Support will add your student groups to the newly-created copy.

    titleWhat is copied and what is not?

    This is a 100% copy of all pages and content.

    This is NOT like a course copy on myCourses, a copy of a wiki space brings over student work and the space admin will have to go through each individual page and edit or delete materials manually. This can be a significant amount of work. Please keep this in mind before requesting a copy of a wiki space.

    When a wiki space is copied, the newly-created copy contains all wiki pages and their hierarchical structure, the wiki space theme, information about the original authors of wiki pages, the dates the wiki pages were created, and any attachments to individual pages. Comments and personal labels are not copied, unless otherwise noted.

    If this is copy of a General Use Wiki Space, only the person who requested the copy will have full administrator privileges; no other groups or individual users are given access.

    Please use the Copy Existing Wiki Space request form request form. You must be logged in to follow a Faculty or Staff account to access this link.