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If you would like a new wiki space, please complete the form below to tell us more about the kind of wiki you would like, and how it will be used. When the form is complete, click the send button to submit your request to the Wallace Center for approval. Wiki requests will be processed no later than the next business day.

Wiki Markup


h6. 1.  Your Name:
{mail-input:type=text|name=name|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false|value=%currentuserfullname% (%currentuser%)}

h6. 2.  Are you faculty or staff?
h6. 3.  What type of wiki would you like?
{mail-option}Course Wiki Space (for use with a course){mail-option}
{mail-option}General Use Wiki Space (specify use){mail-option}

You must complete questions 4-7 if you are requesting a *course-related wiki*:
h6. 4.  Course Name:
{mail-input:type=text|name=coursename|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false}
h6. 5.  Course Number:
{mail-input:type=text|name=coursenum|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false}
h6. 6.  Course Format:
h6. 7.  Would you like a link to your course wiki in the navbar of your myCourses shell:
{mail-option}Yes (must provide complete course number with section){mail-option}

h6. 8.  Preferred Wiki Name (optional):
{mail-input:type=text|name=prefwikiname|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false}
h6. 9.  Preferred Wiki URL (optional):
_note: URLs cannot contain spaces and should be shorter than 20 characters_
{mail-input:type=text|name=prefwikiurl|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false}
h6. 10.  Quarter:
{mail-option}winter, 2010-2{mail-option}
{mail-option}spring, 2010-3{mail-option}
{mail-option}summer, 2010-4{mail-option}
{mail-option}fall, 2011-1{mail-option}
h6. 11.  Have you used the RIT Confluence Wiki before?
{mail-option}Yes - Created/Managed a Wiki{mail-option}
{mail-option}Yes - Participant{mail-option}
h6. 12. In general, how do you intend to use your wiki?
{mail-textarea:name=intendeduse|cssStyle=width: 500px; height: 100px}{mail-textarea}

{mail-submit} {mail-form}