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Wiki Markup

{mail-input:type=hidden|name=subject|value=Wiki Space Request}

h6. 1.  Your Name:
{mail-input:type=text|name=name|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false|value=%currentuserfullname% (%currentuser%)}
h6. 2.  Are you faculty or staff?
h6. 3.  What is your College/Department Name:
{mail-input:type=text|name=college|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false}
h6. 4.  What type of wiki would you like?
{mail-option}Course Wiki Space{mail-option}
{mail-option}General Use Wiki Space{mail-option}
You must complete questions 5-8 if you are requesting a *Course Wiki Space*:
h6. 5.  Course Name:
{mail-input:type=text|name=coursename|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false}
h6. 6.  Course Number:
{mail-input:type=text|name=coursenum|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false}
h6. 7.  Course Format:
h6. 8.  Would you like a link to your course wiki in the navbar of your myCourses shell:
{mail-option}Yes (must provide complete course number with section){mail-option}
h6. 9.  Preferred Wiki Name (optional):
{mail-input:type=text|name=prefwikiname|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false}
_*Course Wiki Spaces* will be named by course name, number, and quarter (example: Intro to Internet Design - 0688-398-90 (20101))_
h6. 10.  Preferred Wiki URL (optional):
_Note: URLs cannot contain spaces and should be shorter than 20 characters_
_*Course Wiki Spaces* will be given a course number URL with quarter extension (example: 06883989020101)_
{mail-input:type=text|name=prefwikiurl|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false}
h6. 11.  Quarter:
{mail-option}winter, 2010-2{mail-option}
{mail-option}spring, 2010-3{mail-option}
{mail-option}summer, 2010-4{mail-option}
{mail-option}fall, 2011-1{mail-option}
h6. 12.  Have you used the RIT Confluence Wiki before?
{mail-option}Yes - Created/Managed a Wiki{mail-option}
{mail-option}Yes - Participant{mail-option}
h6. 13. In general, how do you intend to use your wiki?
{mail-textarea:name=intendeduse|cssStyle=width: 500px; height: 100px}{mail-textarea}


{tip:title=Wiki Space Request Submitted}
Most wiki requests will be completed within 1-2 business days.

(Note: Additional time may be needed to process requests that are placed within 24-48 hours prior to holidays, over the weekend, or on dates when the institute is closed.)