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Table of Contents


Some questions to think about before starting your work.

  • Have the groups been created in myCourses already?
    • If they have, what is their name?
    • If not, they will need to be created.
  • Do you wish to use the Short Form or Long Form model?
    • Do you have additional questions you wish to add?
  • Will you be using the default Likert scale?
    • "Please select the response that best matches your assessment of each team member. Use 1=Never, 2=Rarely, 3=Sometimes, 4=Very Often, 5=Always."
    • If not, please


    • plan out the definition of your scale.
  • Do you want students to be able to view the results?


In Peer2Peer there is an option was optional to have the student evaluate themselves. In this alternative, the work to recreate that is too much so the student is always included in their group. If the instructor does want the student to evaluate themselves, a statement could be added to the instructions. To recreate that option on myCourses a custom survey would have to be created and restricted to each individual student.

Open the Groups for reference

Having the group Groups tool open in another Browser tab/Window will make it easy to copy/paste names during creation.

  1. In the course you are working in, go to Groups
  2. Select the Category
  3. Click on the number in the Members column to display the members.

In Surveys create your survey

Survey Creation

A survey will need to be created for each group. The follow outlines the steps to while editing the survey.


The Survey tool is not on the default navigation bar in myCourses. You can access it through Course Admin > Surveys to do your work as in instructor. You can then choose to customize the navigation bar in your course to add the Survey tool, or simply link to an Existing Activity in Content to provide a link directly to the Survey for your students.

Properties Tab

  • In the Description field enter the instructions for the your Likert Scale.
  • In the Submission Message field enter a confirmation such as: You have submitted the peer evaluation.

Restrictions Tab

  • Set the Start Date / End Date as appropriate.
  • Under Additional Release Conditions click Create and Attach.* Condition Type: select Group Enrollment
  • Group: select the group you are making this survey for
  • Click Create
  • Under User Responses set it to "Limited to" with 1 response.

Layout/Questions Tab

Setting up the Questions

On the Properties Tab, Click on Add/Edit Questions

(We recommend doing all of the Likert style questions at once, then all of the Comment questions)

Likert Questions

  • Create Click New : and select Likert Question, click Go
  • Title is Optional
  • Introductory Text is the question, for example: Is willing to take on task responsibilities.
  • Scale: One to Five (If they are using the default)
  • You are given two Options by Default, Above the Options use the Add button to add enough options to be able to enter all the members of the group. For example, if your team has 5 members, enter 3 in the field and click the +Add button to bring the total to 5.
  • Now under Options, Fill in the group member names in the Value field
  • Click Save and Copy


  • Edit the copy with the Introductory Text for the following question
  • REPEAT for each Likert question...
  • Click Save and Copy, but click Save on the last Likert Question

Comment Instructions

This is simply an information block with instructions for the student taking the survey.

  • Create New: Text InformationClick New and select Section, click Go
  • Question Section Text: Copy/paste in the following, or any instructions you wish to use
    • Comments/Feedback - for For each team member below, identify/appreciate the positives, as well as pointing out areas for improvement.
  • Click Save

Comment Questions

  • Create New: Long Answer Written Response Questions, Click Go
  • Question Text: Group members name
  • Click Save and Copy
  • Edit the copy with the Question Text for the following group member
  • REPEAT for each group member...
  • Click Save and Copy, but click Save on the last comment question


Do students need to see the results?

  • If nonot, skip the following Reports Setup.If yes, do the following

Reports Setup


Reports Setup tab

  • Click on the Back to Survey Layout/Questions to the upper-right.
  • Go to the Reports Setup tab
  • Click Add Report
    • Report Name: "Summary," or anything you like
    • Report Type: Leave on defaults of Summary Report
    • Release: Recommend not until AFTER the survey has ended
    • Release Report to: Check Student, Instructor, TWC Staff
    • Click Save Report

Done, repeat for the next survey

Repeat this survey process for each Group in the Category.