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SMFL Mask Making

Current Mask Queue



RIT has been making masks for many years. It started with with rubylith and a homemade reduction camera system using silver halide emulsion plates.

We then moved onto a Mann Pattern Generator which served us well for many years.

In 1989, RIT acquired a MEBES I electron beam maskmaking system which was housed in the newly constructed Perkin-Elmer e-beam Laboratory. This system wrote many masks and was eventually replaced in 2000 with a MEBES III donated by Photronics.

The current MEBES III system is capable of writing plates up to 7" with a 0.25µm spot size. We write plates for our researchers and to support our educational programs (classes and senior research).

Current Pricing - Internal Researcher

  • Includes 0.5µm spot size, up to two hours of write time, 5"x5"x0.09" soda lime glass. We currently do not have defect inspection and therefore cannot guarantee any defect levels.
  • Extra charges may apply for small spot size, longer write times, Quartz substrates, and/or other glass sizes.
  • You deliver the design in GDSII format, we deliver a patterned chrome mask. We will accept AutoCAD dxf files and will charge for staff time to convert them to GDSII.
  • Staff time is available for help in basic layout issues at $75/hr.
  • We cannot make masks for commercial customers.

Academic Customers(pdf)


  • Once a mask has been delivered, the customer is responsible for inspection and acceptance. If you process in the SMFL with a mask that is not right, but did not inspect, tool charges will not be reversed. We can not be held responsible for wafers lost due to processing with an incorrect mask.
  • We will gladly make a new mask to correct any fracturing, limit errors on our part. If you make a mistake in your design, we will make every effort to re-write your mask as quickly as possible, you will be charged for the re-write.


  1. Fill out a SMFL Mask Order Form. For help in filling out the form see the Guide document (pdf)
  2. Submit your mask file.
  3. You will be contacted with any questions about your mask and you will be given an expected delivery date and a quotation on the cost. Return the quotation with your signature and method of payment.
  4. You can check on the status of your mask in the Mask Queue.
  5. You can find your mask in the delivery box in Gowning.

Please contact T. Grimsley for help in submitting your job and a quote. Delivery is typically around 7 to 10 days depending on the mask queue and the status of the tool.