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MEBES Status


We lost the harddrive on the computer that is used to get data files in and out of the MEBES.  It is not an ordinary computer.  We believed that we had backup drives but these seem to be unresponsive as well.  I have talented friends in other departments working to try and resurrect the drives.  Should that fail..

Short term – Photronics can write our 6” plates for the ASML – they have the alignment files for our stepper.  There is a maskmaker in CA that I have worked with before on 1x masks.  They were very responsive and had reasonable prices.  For GCA plates – you would need to incorporate our alignment marks in your design.  I have a gds file with the correct information.


Heidelberg Status - Up 






Mask Level

Mask Type



Level 1

6" Qz KAND13011

Level 2

6" Qz KAND13011
FULL13.02LockeLevels 1-36" Qz FULL13021




Masks are usually written in the order received - we may batch mask jobs based on the feature sizes and the current write head installed on the Heidelberg.

Email your completed form and gds file to Sean O’Brien