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Table of Contents:

Table of Contents



Saunders Technical Support provides file services to our faculty and staff in the form of the H: and P: drive. Both of these drives are backed up on a routine basis and are stored on a secure server.

Saunders File Servers

H: Drive

The H: drive is used for groups of individuals that wish to share files with other individuals. A hierarchy has been created for various divisions and committees to share files as well as groups of people to setup project folders. Folders on the H: drive are restricted to certain individuals. If you would like a new folder created on the H: drive or require access to an existing folder, please make contact with Saunders Technical Support and we will work with the owner of the folder to fulfill your request.


See H and P Drives for documentation.  This page requires logging in with your RIT Computer Account.  Click the Log In link in the upper right if you have not already logged in.

Google Drive through RIT

See Google Apps at RIT for information on how to setup your RIT account for use with Google Apps and then Google Drive File Stream on how to access your Google Drive files on your PC.