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We know there is a lot here, please read this information thoroughly to help us create a wiki space to meet your needs properly the first time.

If you have any questions please contact us in Academic Technology Support before submitting your request.

We do ask that you fill out the form for all requests as it automates aspects of the wiki creation for us.

Wiki Request Forms

If you would like a new wiki space, please complete one of the forms below to tell us more about the type of wiki you would like, and how it will be used. If you aren't sure what form to fill out, please refer to the "Types of Wiki Requests" tab below. When the form is complete, click the Submit Wiki Request button to submit your request to The Wallace Center for approval.


To place a request you must be logged in to the wiki with your RIT Account. If you are not logged in, you may see an error below. The Log In link is found to the upper right of this page. If you see your name there, you are currently signed in to the wiki and may proceed with your request.


Questions? Contact Academic Technology Support. Refer to our contact page for hours and contact information.

titleWiki spaces are only available at the request of RIT Faculty or Staff accounts
  • Wiki spaces for course work must be requested by the instructor of the course.
  • Wiki spaces for student groups must be requested by a Faculty or Staff advisor.
  • In all cases the faculty or staff member is expected to maintain oversight of the space to make sure it respects RIT's Code of Conduct for Computer and Network Use and it is an appropriate use of RIT resources.


Wiki Markup
{mail-input:type=hidden|name=subject|value=Wiki Space Request}
{mail-input:type=hidden|name=Name|value=%currentuserfullname% (%currentuser%)}
{mail-input:type=hidden|name=Wiki_Type|value=Copy Existing Space}
{note}Only existing wikis can be copied. We cannot copy wikis from other websites.{note}

*Are you faculty or staff?*

*What is your College/Department Name*:
{mail-input:type=text|name=CollegeDept|cssStyle=width: 200px}

*Have you used the RIT Confluence Wiki before?*
{mail-option}Yes - Reading a wiki only{mail-option}
{mail-option}Yes - Reading and Editing a wiki{mail-option}
{mail-option}Yes - I have Managed a wiki{mail-option}

*Existing Wiki Name*:
{mail-input:type=text|name=Existing_Wiki_Name|cssStyle=width: 200px}

*Existing Wiki URL* (e.g. ):
{mail-input:type=text|name=Existing_Wiki_URL|cssStyle=width: 200px}

h5h3. Required information
Please fill in theColumn followingA information for thecopies newly-createdto copybe ofused youras existinga wiki spaceCourse Space, OR fill in Column B for copies for General Use.
h5. {color:red}COLUMN A - Required information\\  for _+Course Space Wikis+_ only{color}

*Course Name*:
{mail-input:type=text|name=Course_Name|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false}

*9-Digit Course Number*:
{mail-input:type=text|name=Course_Number|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false}

{mail-option}Winter, 2122{mail-option}
{mail-option}Spring, 2123{mail-option}
{mail-option}Summer, 2124{mail-option}

*Course Format*:

*Would you like a link to your course wiki in the navigation bar of your myCourses shell?*
{mail-option}Select One{mail-option}
{info}*Course Wiki Spaces* will be named by course name, number, and quarter -- _Intro to Internet Design - 0688-398-90 (20101)_ -- and will use their course number with the five-digit quarter suffix as their web address --{info}

h5. {color:red}COLUMN B - Required information\\ for _+General Use Wikis+_ only{color}

*Preferred Wiki Name*:
{mail-input:type=text|name=Preferred_Wiki_Name|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false}

*Preferred Wiki Short Name* (optional):
_Note: The short name is 20 characters or less, it can only have letters or numbers, and it cannot contain spaces or symbols (such as -, ?, & and $)._
{mail-input:type=text|name=Preferred_Wiki_URL|cssStyle=width: 200px|required=false}
{info}The *Short Name* will be used in the web address for your wiki space --{info}

*Additional Comments (optional):*
{mail-textarea:name=Additional_Comments|cssStyle=width: 500px; height: 100px}{mail-textarea}
{mail-submit:Submit Wiki Request}