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Why are photos not displaying in the system?
Photos are loaded at different points throughout the term from SIS for students, faculty, and advisors. If students, faculty, and advisors including global campuses have not taken an ID photo on the main Rochester campus their photos will not show.

What courses are in the system?
All courses (graduate and undergraduate level) where an undergraduate student is enrolled are visible in Starfish. Only the undergraduate students in these courses will display in the class list.

What class sections receive progress Reports?
Graded undergraduate class sections (below 600) will receive a Academic Progress Report. Co-op, independent study, Better Me, and wellness courses do not receive a progress report. Flags can be raised at any time during the term, for undergraduate students, using the "Raise Flag" function.


Why are classes showing under "Connections" that I am not teaching? Why can other instructors raise flags on courses I am teaching?
If a course is shared between multiple instructors all of the instructors will have access to the reports and class list. (Example: Four instructors are attached to BIO-100, one instructor teaches the lecture and all four instructors teach at least one section of the lab). It is important that the instructors coordinate to ensure effective use of academic alerts.

Can advisors flag students?
No - only instructors can raise flags.

Who can view academic alert information for their students?
Instructors can view student information related to the course(s) they are teaching.
Advisors can view all of their advisees' student information, including their advisees' flags for all courses.

How can I find a specific flag?
There are multiple ways to search and filter information in Starfish. Visit the Step-by-Step guide for Additional Filters for more details.