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Types of safety training available in the SMFL.

Pick the one that applies to you

Class Training

For those taking enrolled in an RIT class that requires them to participate in a lab /class section held in the SMFL - basic safety training.

  • This level enables user to operate in the SMFL under supervision of Instructor/TA/Researcher.  Basic safety training.
  • No certification/swiping of tools.
  • Tool operation is done under the supervision of a Certified User for that tool.
  • This training is delivered through RIT's MyCourses software.


Researcher Training

For those researchers (internal or external) that are going to be working independently in the SMFL.  You don't need an active project, but you shouldn't be far from getting one.


  • Appropriate for students actively processing wafers in lab sections. For example - MicroE students working on their senior project.
  • Advanced safety training along with SMFL policies and procedures.
    • Large focus on emergencies in the facility and how to react to them
  • User can be certified on tools.
  • Good for all areas in the SMFL with the exception of the Wet Etch Bays.
  • Entire process must be finished in the semester it was started.

Chemical Training

    • Chemical training is available for users that already have their Researcher Badge
      • Users should have some chemistry/chemical processing experience beforehand
    • It enables users to perform chemical processing in the two Wet Etch Bays
    • More information can be found here - SMFL Chemical Training


Steps to get your safety training


for New Users

New User - Class Safety Badge

1) Go to RIT's MyCourses

2) Look for the "SMFL Safety" course - It should appear week 2 of the semester.  If you don't see it, email T. Grimsley


7) Your badge is good for one year.


New User - Researcher Badge

1) Attend a New Researcher Safety Training ClassSession

(red star) schedule is here         

(green star) Sign up here - you must sign up for a session