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The integration between myCourses and RIT's media server (Ensemble Video) provides faculty with a convenient way to upload and insert streamed videos in myCourses.  The instructions found on the pages listed below will take you through the steps to ensure that your videos are inserted into myCourses efficiently.

If you are new to using Instructional Media and videos, please visit the TLS Media Service Website or send us an email at

Captioning on videos is not automatic, if you upload videos to the media server please complete the online captioning request form, turnaround time for captioning is one week.


A note about using Youtube instead of RIT's Media Server:
While youtube remains a viable alternative, hosting your videos on the RIT media server restricts access to playback from within myCourses.  Another added benefit is that you can request captions for videos stored on RIT's video server, where as if you use youtube you are responsible for self-captioning or correcting youtube's auto-generated captions.