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Adobe Connect set-up checklist

  • If possible, all test events should take place from the same locations using the same hardware and at the same time of day to be used for the live event.
  • Ensure that you will have a wired ethernet connection when hosting the event.
  • Confirm all participants meet the Connect Requirements (Connect System Requirements).
  • Check Your System Set Up and Network Connectivity (Connection Test|
    • Install the Adobe Connect Add-In.
  • Request meeting Host Access from Teaching and Learning Services
  • Attend a training session the Teaching and Learning Services
  • Create a meeting room
  • Schedule a live Captionist if your meeting will have DHH particpants.
  • Confirm an alternative method of communication (i.e. phone numbers) for tests and events as a backup for coordination and emergencies.
  • For events in a classroom, determine the contact information for the room’s technical support staff (who can respond to issues with projection, audio, and the network connection).
  • Confirm media and Connect Meeting layouts for tests and follow up rehearsals:
    • Slides / Materials / Links prepared and uploaded to the Connect Meeting. Prepare Connect meeting layouts for the event based on planned features.
    • Still images for presenters are recommended as opposed to streaming video (if bandwidth is limited) to reduce the amount of bandwidth needed to transmit both audio and video together (this assumes audio is not using separate phone line).
    • Welcome / Closing screens if not covered by presentation slides.
    • Caption pod is loaded if applicable
    • Prepare a test script for testing the event. This would be a dry run of the event using the Connect features as they will be used in the presentation. Should include at least 5-10 minutes of interaction using the method outlined for the event.
  • Perform a dry-run with Connect and activate the recorder.
  • View the recording and ensure the audio / video plays back correctly.

Before Event

  • Frequently, the simplest approach is the most effective. Don’t feel you need to use all meeting room tools to have a successful experience. As you and your students and other participants become more comfortable with the Connect features, consider incorporating a little more each time.
  • Send the Connect Meeting URL In Advance
    This will allow students and other participants to get comfortable with the Connect Meeting Room and practice with some of the tools.
  • Practice On Your Own and With Students
    Perform a brief ‘dress rehearsal’ or ‘intro’ session with students to make sure everyone is connecting successfully and comfortable with the features.

Adobe Connect Event Checklist

Each Connect Meeting point of contact (Host and Presenters) should be given a copy of this events checklist.

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to session’s designated start time for set up.
  • Optimize the room bandwidth for participant with lowest connection speed, the default standard settings for Video and Screenshare should work well.
  • Complete the Audio Setup Wizard (Under Meeting menu option).  Skip the step to test silence.
  • Ensure that the Captionist has been promoted to  the Host role
  • Upload Content to the Share Pod.
  • Activate your microphone and webcam (if applicable)
  • Start recording of meeting (Under Meeting menu option – available to Host role only).
  • Begin Presentation/meeting with welcome to both remote and in-class students.
  • If applicable, the Host (person who set up the meeting in Connect) must log in to the Connect meeting and promote the presenters or participants (students) who are showing material so they have the ability to share their presentation or turn on their audio if they have the option to speak. The two options for doing this are:
    • In the Attendee list pod, highlight name of person. Then, in the lower, right hand corner, from the ‘wheel’ icon, drop down menu, go into “Change Participant Rights” to select their specific permissions.
    • In the Attendee list pod, highlight name of person. Then, in the lower, left hand corner, from the green arrow drop-down select either the Presenter Role or Host role. Note - they will have the ability to control the room if given this permission.
  • End Meeting Recording
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