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Hello Everyone,

I hope everybody had a relaxing Spring break and is transitioning into the second half of the semester. 
Saturday Meeting - ImagineRIT Prep, Payload Work
For Saturday, unfortunately our usual meeting spot is unavailable. Therefore we'll be meeting in 08-2365 at 11amThis is still in Gosnell on the second floor.
Agenda for Saturday
  • Project Updates(Tether, MemTest, ADCS, SPEXcast, Astro, HAB)
  • ImagineRIT Prep- Led by Phil & Amber
  • Work on Payloads for Imagine
Imagine is in 38 days! You all should have received an email like this
Inline image 1
which means you have been added to the SPEX Imagine Exhibit. You need to click through and fill in/confirm all of your information in order to be registered. If you have not received an email and registered for Imagine, message Helen to make sure you get added. Registration closes THIS FRIDAY!

SPEX has been invited to present at the biweekly AstroLunch presented by RIT Astrophysics. We'll be presenting all of the cool things SPEX has done over the past year. The event will be Wednesday April 20th at noon, room 76-1275.

Astronomy Week
SPEX is also working with the greater RIT space community for Astronomy Week. Running April 11th-15th, SPEX will be holding a Star Party Thursday night with the telescopes used for Astrodynamics. We'll also be hosting a Kerbal Space Program Multiplayer event on Friday. There will be additional events that week hosted by other space clubs on campus.
Cubesat Devkit
Dr. Patru's grad assistant has finished setting up the devkit. If you are interested in going hands-on with our cubesat devkit email me or talk to me Saturday. Also we are looking for faculty experienced with embedded systems and/or Real Time Operating Systems(RTOS) who may advise us as we get more experience with the hardware. If you have any suggestions or 
We released Episode 6 today talking all about interplanetary travel and the challenges human spaceflight presents. You can pick up the latest episode on iTunes or your podcasting app of choice or directly download it.
We'll also be doing a live recording during ImagineRIT! Stay tuned for more info.
I apologize for the massive information dump but this  pretty much covers it for the rest of the semester. Hope to see you all Saturday.