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We need everyone's help to make Imagine an even better success than last year. We need volunteers to man the booths during the event. You can sign up for a 30 minute block by putting your name in the Volunteer Sign up sheet. We need a minimum of 2 people to be at the booths at a time. Amber and Phil are printing posters for the booths and need designs from each group. Attached below is a template where you can swap in info for each project.

Saturday Meeting 11am Gosnell 08-2365- ImagineRIT Posters, Feasibility 1-Pagers

We're looking into getting our payload exploration work reviewed by experts in the field. In order to do this each group needs to make a 1-pager. If you haven't made a 1-pager before, they are 1 page summaries of a project, providing an overview of the idea, the process/timeline, and the theory/experiment. Almost all fo the information for the Imagine poster should carry to these.


  • Project Updates(Tether, MemTest, ADCS, SPEXcast, Astro, HAB)
  • ImagineRIT Prep - Posters are due Wednesday April 17th
  • Project Work
  • HAB Build Day 

Astronomy Week @ RIT

KSP event Friday 4/15/2015 in 08-1250 @5pm
SPEX is hosting a Kerbal Space Program challenge this Friday for Astronomy Week. Phil and I will be hosting the event as a special live recording of SPEXcast. 
Welcome to SPEX mailing list 2.0! I've compiled all the names that we had on the wiki/new member form/etc into one master list. If you do not wish to receive any more SPEX emails or have been inadvertently been re-added, please reply to this message and you'll be removed.
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  1. Hey Phil this Wednesday is not the 17th, its the 20th.