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Getting Started with Google Apps at RIT

Open your web browser and go to Click on Google Preferences --> Check the box to Opt in for Google Apps at RIT and click on Opt in. A success screen will show up.

Now go to Click on Drive and you will be prompted for credentials. Enter your RIT username and password to login.

Signing into Google Apps at RIT

All Google based services require you to login using your RIT Computer Account username followed by  This will have the Google service redirect your login back to an RIT system so that you can use your RIT Computer Account to login.  For example.  If you go to and need to sign in, you must use as your email address instead of or

Using Google Apps at RIT

Email and Calendar not Available

Email and Calendar are not available for faculty, staff, student employees and adjuncts.  You must use to access these services through Exchange.

Google Drive

The Google Drive app is available via the LANDesk Portal Manager.  Once installed, launch Google Drive and you will be prompted to configure it.  When asked for your email address, make sure you put in your username followed by, not your RIT email address or Saunders email address.  You will then be redirected to an RIT Login page where you only need to enter your RIT username and password.



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