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How can I indicate individual course or program completion on my resume/CV? Job application? Linked In? College application?

You should indicate the course/program name and that the certificate you earned or learning you gained is from edX. 

Here are some good resources on the topic:

You can also share the verified certificate by using through an easy-to-share link we provide. View edx's Learner Documentation on Sharing & Printing Certificates

How should I word the MicroMasters or Professional Certificate program credential on my resume/CV?  Does the credential come from RIT or from edX?

The MicroMasters/Professional Certificate credential is issued from edX. You should use the following wording template as a basis for how to list the program credential on your resume/CV:

___[program type]_____ Certificate in _____[program name]_____ from edX, in partnership with RITX.

So for example:

  • The Project Management MicroMasters program would be "MicroMasters Certificate in Project Management from edX, in partnership with RITX."
  • The Soft Skills Professional Certificate program would be "Professional Certificate in Soft Skills from edX, in partnership with RITX."

This wording should be put under a heading of "Professional Training" or "Professional Development" instead of "Education," since "Education" typically is reserved for listing accredited degrees.

For MicroMasters Programs, if you apply to RIT and complete a full Master's degree or Advanced Certificate program, then your Master's degree or Advanced Certificate is issued through the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Your Master's degree or Advanced Certificate can be listed under a heading of "Education."