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What books or software do I need? Is there a required textbook?


For all edX courses, there is no required textbook or book you need to buy. All learning content is provided within the edX course materials. Some learning content may link to web sources outside of the edX platform, however any web sources are openly viewable to the public.


All edX courses will require you to have the following to view course materials:

Some courses have specific requirements needed to complete activities or download course materials:

  • CYBER502x, CYBER504x: There are optional/ungraded activities in the courses that require the download of software or use of tools in order to complete. The course materials provide links to the software/tools needed, and all are well-known, widely-used, and "safe". All items are available for free or have a free trial version.
  • CYBER525x Capstone: In order to complete the verified learner lab activities, you will need a modern web browser with Javascript enabled (recent Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox), a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam, and minimal network latency to RIT's Main Campus (200ms or less). The verified lab materials also require use of software/tools, and all items required will be provided to you.
  • PM9001x, PM9002x, PM9003x: You will need either Microsoft Office, LibreOffice (free download at, OpenOffice (free download at, or a Google account (free account registration at Other office or document-creating software may open the file types we provide, but we created the files to open with these specific software options. You do not need to download any project management software.
  • PM9004x Capstone: In order to complete the verified learner exam, you will need a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam that also meets all system requirements to use the edX platform and virtual proctoring software. You will also need to download and temporarily install the free virtual proctoring software (instructions will be provided).

NOTE: For support for the software, view the manufacturer's documentation.