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Do I have to access the course at a certain time? 

You do not need to log in at a certain time to access course materials. You can complete learning and activities on your schedule as long as you have access to the course. However, there are restrictions on timing for certain courses:

  • Instructor-paced courses release new course materials weekly. You can review course materials anytime after they are released, but you will not be able to advance to weeks that are not yet released. Also instructor-paced courses have graded activities that are due on a defined schedule and cannot be completed after the due date (see question below). You should review course materials in time to complete graded activities before their indicated due dates/times.

  • Self-paced courses release all course materials at the course open date and are open for months. All graded activities must be completed by the course close date.

View the course enrollment page and/or Syllabus to see the pacing for your course.

All courses will turn into view-only archived mode after they are closed so you can continue to reference back to materials.

Do I need to complete graded activities at a certain time?

Graded activities can be completed any time after they are released but before the due date and time. You should not wait until exactly the due date to submit your answers, as you may not be able to complete the activities before the due date time passes. We recommend submitting your graded activities well in advance of the due date/time.  For information on where to find due dates view our FAQ on due date locations.