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Why can't I see the rest of the course/next week's content? Why do you release materials weekly? Can I work ahead?

Some courses are instructor-paced, meaning new content is released weekly throughout the course run. Check the course enrollment page and/or syllabus to determine the pacing for the course.

In an instructor-paced course, we release the materials weekly because each week builds on the week before. You can, of course, decide which days in each week you would prefer to work on the materials so that flexibility is up to you. You can always return to previous weeks/units to review content, but you cannot skip ahead to content that is not yet released.

Please view the Course Schedule page or Syllabus in edX for the weekly release dates and times. Times listed in UTC must be converted to your local time zone using a converter such as

All content available to you can be accessed through the Course Outline.  You can go to the course outline by clicking the word “Course” at the top of your screen (next to Discussion).  You can also click on the word “Course” in the “breadcrumb trail” underneath the top menu that says something like “Course >  Week 9: Topic >  Week 9 Overview >  Week 9 General Discussion”.

View the edX documentation on Instructor-Paced Courses for more information.