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This answer is for the Project Management courses only. View the following links for the answer to this question for the other programs:

Can I take the courses out of sequence/out of order? Do I have to meet the prerequisites listed?

For the three RITx Project Management Courses (PM9001x, PM9002x, PM9003x), we do recommend completing the listed prerequisites or ensuring equivalent understanding of the knowledge of the prerequisites in order to be successful in the course work. However, there is nothing that prohibits you from taking the courses out of sequence. You can also take courses concurrently (at the same time), depending on the offering schedule. If you take the courses out of order, you will notice references to topics covered in the previous courses as we do build on concepts from course to course. View the edX About pages for each course (linked below) for details on prerequisites.

For the PM9004x Project Management Capstone Exam, you can only take this exam on the verified track if you have passed the three RITx Project Management courses (with a 80% or higher) on the verified track. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria, we recommend enrolling in a later session of the capstone.

NOTE: You are welcome to enroll in the capstone exam while you are still finishing up one or more of the courses (or while you are waiting for your final grade in one or more of the courses).  We will verify if you meet the criteria or not at the appropriate time closer to the exam start date. Please only enroll in the capstone exam if you are close to completion of the three courses on the verified track

What is the recommended sequence of courses?

For the best learning experience, we recommend completing the three RITx Project Management Courses in the following order:

  1. PM9001x Project Management Life Cycle
  2. PM9002x Best Practices for Project Management Success
  3. PM9003x International Project Management

You can only take the PM9004x Project Management Capstone Exam on the verified track after you have completed the three courses on the verified track with a 80% or higher.