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I was removed from the capstone because I did not meet the criteria/prerequisites. How can I take this capstone now? What happens now that I am removed?

Students who enroll in a MicroMasters capstone as a verified student but do not meet eligibility requirements will be unenrolled from capstone and removed from the verified track. Once unenrolled, students will automatically be given a refund. Students can elect to re-enroll in the capstone and instead view the "audit version" of capstone instructions (for free). View our FAQ on the audit version of the capstone for information on what this experience is like for each MicroMasters program.

To be eligible to complete the capstone on the verified track, you must first complete the required individual courses on the verified track with a passing grade. Once you obtain verified certificates^ for the required courses, then you can enroll in the capstone and pay the fee for verification again. At that time, our course team will review your eligibility status again, and if you meet eligibility requirements, you will be allowed to take the verified capstone.

^NOTE: You are able to enroll in the capstone while you are still finishing up one or more of the courses (or while you are waiting for your final grade in one or more of the courses). Please only enroll in the capstone if you are close to completion of the requried courses on the verified track.