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Setup Your RIT Google Account

Please see Google Apps at RIT for details on how to opt in to Google Apps at RIT and to initially setup Google Drive.

Google Drive vs Google Drive File Stream

Google Drive is going away and being replaced with Google Drive File Stream.  Starting Tuesday, February 20, 2018, Saunders Tech Support will be pushing out Google Drive File Stream to any computer with Google Drive installed.  If you would like to get Google Drive File Stream before that time, you can use the Ivanti (formally LANDesk) Portal Manager.

Using Google Drive File Stream

Once Google Drive File Stream is installed, you will see under This PC a new drive letter appear called Google Drive File Streams.  This is where your Google Files will now be stored.

Once you open the drive, you will see My Drive and Team DrivesMy Drive is where your individual files will be.  Team Drives are those drives you setup for teams.

A major difference between Google Drive and Google Drive File Stream is that the files are not stored on your computer.  This means that if you don't have Internet connectivity, you may not be able to open your files.  You can manually specify which files/folders you want to have available offline by right-clicking on any file/folder and clicking on Drive File Stream \ Avaiable offline.  This will sync the files to your computer.

Once you have set this up, you will notice a difference in the icons on the files/folders.  Clouds indicate the file/folder is only available online.  Green checks indicate the file/folder is also available when offline.

Folder 3 Online OnlyFolder 3 Available Offline

Search not working on Google Drive

Applies to Google Drive, not Google Drive File Stream. Testing with Google Drive File Stream is currently under development.

Google Drive is setup so that only you can access your files.  This means that Windows Search cannot index the files because it doesn't have permissions to.  In order to fix this, you'll need to give Windows access to your files to index them.

To set this up, go to File Explore and navigate to C:\Users\<your username>

Right Click on Google Drive and select Properties.

Click on the Advance button under the Security tab.

Click Enable inheritance on the Permissions tab.

Click OK and you will then see Windows process all of your files.  This make take a few moments depending on how many files you have.

Once the files have been proced, you can click OK to close the propeties windows.

Windows will now start indexing your Google Drive files so that you can use Windows search to find them.

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