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What is a proctored exam and why are we proctored?

Proctored exams are exams with time limits that you complete while online proctoring software monitors you and your computer using screen recording, video, and audio for the duration of the exam. The proctoring software checks that you (as the person taking the exam) are the same person who is taking the course for credit or to earn a MicroMasters certificate, and detects any attempts to cheat on the exam. Suspicious behavior will be flagged and reviewed within 3-5 days of exam submission.

Proctoring is only used in certain courses (generally MicroMasters courses and other high-stakes situations). Only students on the verified track receive proctoring. Verified learners cannot opt out of proctoring. Audit learners are not proctored and do not have access to graded activities.

Verified learners will be asked to re-verify their identity upon launching any proctored exam.

Read more about proctoring on the RPNow website

Read edX's documentation on taking a proctored exam