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Manage & Update Success Plans

  1. Access Starfish through: 
      1. myCourses by clicking the Starfish button or the hyperlink
      2. SIS by clicking the Starfish tile on the Teaching, Advising & Support page
  2. Student Folders are accessible from any place the student's name is a hyperlink.
    The most common place you will access a student folder is from the My Students or Tracking tabs.

  3. The individual items that are included in the success plan are also visible on the student's Tracking tab. When you click on the menu for the individual tracking item, information about the associated plan is included.

  4. Hover over the drop-down arrow next to the Success Plan to view the Plan Menu. Click on View/Print, or Edit Plan, or Delete Plan.

    1. View/Print allows you to print a copy for the student to take with them.
      1. In the upper right-hand corner click Print Success Plan
      2. From the print menu you can print to your local printer or save as a pdf
    2. Click Edit Plan if you need to edit or update a plan.
      1. Use the "Edit To-Do" icon to make changes to a tracking item in the success plan.
      2. Use the "Comment To-Do" iconto add a comment to a tracking item in the success plan. 
      3. Use the "Complete To-Do" icon  to clear the tracking item in the success plan. Completing all of the To-Do's will complete the Success Plan. 
      4. After editing individual items, click the Update Item button located in the editing panel of the dialog box to modify the plan details.
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