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Are courses accessible for learners with disabilities/diverse learning needs?

EdX has a strong commitment to providing accessible learning to the diverse learners of their global community (view edX's accessibility policy).

  • All videos in edX courses are required to have closed captions. There is also a timed, interactive transcript that can run to the right side of the video (you click on words of the transcript, and it will jump forward or backward in the video). Our captions for the RITX courses are created by a professional captioning vendor. The video script (audio) should sufficiently describe on-screen elements, or a separate "audio description caption track" should be provided.
  • If there are any audio-only items, they must have a text equivalent (though it is rare for a course to have this, it’s usually video).
  • Images used in the course are required to have alternative text.
  • Documents should be formatted in a way that assists learners using screen readers.
  • Activities should be accessible to keyboard controls/alternative navigation devices, readable by screen readers, etc.

...and much more (view edX's documentation on accessibility)