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This answer is for the Design Thinking courses only. View the following links for the answer to this question for the other programs:

What is the Design Thinking capstone like? What will the capstone include?

The THINK525x Design Thinking Capstone will test knowledge and skills across all four RITx Design Thinking courses (THINK501, THINK502, THINK503, THINK504). It will include a project-based set of activities similar to those done in the four courses.  There are no exam questions.


  • When it is Offered: Currently scheduled capstone offerings can be found on the THINK525x Design Thinking Capstone page.
  • Testing Location: The capstone is completed on the edX platform. You do not need to go to an exam center.
  • Required Software/Hardware
    • You will need a desktop/laptop computer or a mobile device with an internet connection. Note that if using a mobile device, you may need to access certain parts through a mobile browser instead of the edX app.  The edX app does not have the ability for you to upload project deliverables. You will only be able to submit project deliverables when accessing the course through a desktop/laptop or mobile browser.
    • Capstone activities will require some sort of document-creation software for creating your project documentation.  Some common options are Microsoft Office, LibreOffice (free download at, OpenOffice (free download at, or a Google account (free account registration at You can select any document-creation tool you wish as long as it can be turned to a PDF.
    • Whatever prototyping materials you wish to use (examples: found objects, digital creation tools, paper/pen). No specific method is required.
  • Use of Materials During Capstone: You can reference the previous four courses (THINK501, THINK502, THINK503, THINK504).
  • Retaking the capstone: View our FAQ on retaking the capstone.
  • Accommodations for Learners with Disabilities: Contact the course team.


We recommend that you review all of the four RITx Design Thinking courses and take your own notes to document the key learning from each course/lesson. You will be allowed to access the edX Notes Tool during the capstone, so we highly recommend you go back and ensure all notes you want to have access to are entered into this tool. You should be able to view all the courses you've taken on your edX dashboard unless you unenrolled to remove them. Students must prepare individually as there are no instructor-provided practice problems or prompts.



Students who pass all four RITx Design Thinking courses (with a 80% or higher) on the verified track can take the capstone as a verified student.  The cost to take the capstone as a verified student is $200.  The "audit student" capstone experience only includes the capstone overview and does not allow access to capstone activities.  You can only earn the MicroMasters certificate if you pass all five required courses in the program as a verified student with a 80% or higher.