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Intellectual Property Considerations

Intellectual property will continue to be considered as the project progresses and the impact of the device is more known. A patent will be pursued for SailBot with royalty free designs given to our primary sponsors. Our hope is that SailBot may inspire others to pursue the area of assistive devices for sailing and raise awareness for programs like the Universal Axis Program at Community Boating.

Team Setup

  • Project Manager (Amit Rogel)

    • Involved in every role

    • Knows who is doing what and what is going on in each section.

  • Lead Engineer (Maxwell Messie)

    • Coordinate between subsystems

    • Similar job to project manager, but for specifically engineering tasks

  • Facilitator (Tom Davis)

    • Leads conversations

    • Organizes and makes sure everyone is heard

    • Keeps everyone focused

  • Communications (Matthew Miller)

    • Point of Contact between the group members, guide and customer

    • Sends messages to everyone individually or through slack 

  • Purchasing (Mike Robinson)

    • Oversees finance and BOM 

    • Negotiates prices

  • Administrator (Erica Kabat)

    • Confluence master

    • Organizer of documentation 

  • Lead Industrial and Graphic Designer (Madeline Pizzo)

    • Specializes in the visual design and user interface of SailBot

Team Values and Norms

Team Values:

  • Punctuality

    • Definition - Arrive on time and if not all team members should know where you are. If we are meeting with a customer, be ready at the set meeting time. 

  • Preparedness

    • Definition - Arrive with deliverables. At least enough to not impede others work and make sure you can be working as well. Asking for help is also being prepared. Ensure things still get done.

  • Professional and Ethical

    • Definition - Give credit where credit is due. Let people talk and do not interrupt others. Be honest. List sources. Stay accountable and own up to mistakes. Situational awareness, know when you are talking to customers/professors/etc. And choose your words and gestures accordingly (sailors with disabilities is the proper term).

  • Positivity

    • Definition - Stay calm and use your brain. Don’t bring others spirits down. Making mistakes is okay so long as you work to correct them.

  • Committed 

    • Definition - This is also a class just like all your other classes set time aside to work outside of class time. Project success is the success of all members. The project could really help many people and CBI may use the end product it if it’s good. Do your best, proudly place your name on what you do.

  • Communication

    • Definition - Everyone should know if your design or schedule or ability is changing from expectations. If it does, everyone should know where it is. This is really important because continuing to work on something you are poorly suited to  impacts the whole team.

Team Norms:



Needs Improvement



No call no show

Consistently runs late (within 10 minutes) but people are always aware of where they are

On time and ready to all meetings or team informed of absence at least a day in advance


Forgets materials that the team needs, does not show up with proper knowledge because they didn’t ask for help

Group can still function but subject is not contributing expected deliverables

Has all deliverables needed and ready to contribute

Professional and Ethical

Inappropriate comments when not warranted. Blunt and rude. Interrupting

Being too casual and too honest with our customer. Swearing in customer areas

Respects all team members and professional when needed


Shoot ideas down, spreads negativity

Gives consistently only destructive feedback

Gives constructive feedback, and critical where needed, ensuring team members are comfortable with decisions


Doesn’t give any effort, is disinterested in project

Doesn’t give extra effort outside of team meetings

Ready, willing, and enabled to advance the project


Does not respond to messages, does not ask for help

Taking a long time to respond, spamming others when they don't respond

Responds within two days or we know you won’t be responding

Project Plans & Schedules

During phase l most tasks were completed as a team. Moving into phase ll tasks will be divided among the members with respect to each role. Refining the task list to include roles and specific deliverables with the dates they are due is an immediate next step following the phase l review. 

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Risks were categorized as technical, safety, environmental or resource related. The category of most concern is safety since the users of SailBot will be people with disabilities who need a reliable device to assist them during their time on the water. Resources also carry considerable risk since our funding is still being finalized and our customer is not local to Rochester. 

An updated risk document can be found here


Matthew Miller will be the main point of contact between the team members, team guide and customer. Email, Slack and direct phone calls will be the preferred communication avenues. 

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