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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

Our goals for this phase were to begin integrating our electrical, mechanical and user interface subsystems and testing them as a unit. This was accomplished through the following tasks that we planned to do during this phase:

  • Purchase all remaining materials
  • Assemble the SailBot frame and lead screw system
  • Begin user testing with the control prototypes

Our team accomplished the following:

  • Met with and got feedback from a few people on our user control prototypes
  • Machined final components and assembled SailBot
  • Finalized test rig
  • Purchased remaining hardware and upgraded buttons/switches for the control panel 
  • Began the final paper and poster
  • Applied to design competitions

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risks continue to be monitored and updated as progress is made on the project. Some significant changes have been made as a result of moving off campus and working remotely from home. Risks 1 and 7 have increased in likelihood since user testing is no longer possible in person and all other mechanical testing will be done on the test bed instead of on a sonar boat. Risks 3 and 14 have been reduced to a likelihood of zero because they are no longer of concern. With all necessary purchasing complete, we are still under budget (risk 3) and as assembled, the weight of SailBot is well under the requirement (risk 14). The updated risks are detailed below and linked here

Demo Materials

Fully assembled SailBot frame 


Controller design and layout has been modified and improved based on feedback we have received from volunteers. The controller on the right side of each image is the newest revision. 

Status and Changes with RIT Closing

Due to the closing of RIT's facilities and the shift of classes to online formats, the continuation and completion of this senior design project have been modified. Assembly and testing will continue to be worked on, but should this project need to be handed off to Community Boating with unfinished components, assembly and testing documents will be written to detail information needed to complete the project. 

Task List and Current Status

Our current task list with status and further actions is displayed below. 

Final Deliverables to Community Boating

BOM Updates

Plans if we had 3 weeks back at RIT

If by any chance we were able to get back on campus or be able to meet as a group in person,  we would plan to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Testing

    • Controller - it would be much easier to test the controller in our lab or at a similar RIT facility, as this would allow us to make quick adjustments or fixes, considering that we would all be together, and we would have access to tools and equipment that we don’t have elsewhere. Testing would include:

      • Changeability of different control systems

      • Battery life

      • Durability test

      • Feedback from the SailBot 

      • Comfort

    • SailBot - the convenience of testing the SailBot at RIT is similar to that of the controller. These tests would include:

      • Force test

      • Responsiveness to the controller and user input

      • Battery life

      • Water resistance test

  • Mounting

    • We would have liked to mount our final prototype on a sonar (which would most likely be the one used for measurements from RYC) to make sure that it actually installs the way we want it

  • Sailing

    • If given the opportunity, we would have liked to take our product out on the water and see it come to life! We would get a feel for the controls and how it moves once actually attached to a boat. This would be an excellent last step before handing off to the customer.

Future Plans

As a team, we would like to complete as much of this project as possible even with the new limitations of working remotely without the facilities and tools at RIT. Before the end of the semester we hope to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Full assembly of SailBot and user controls
  • Finalize all electronic feedback features
  • Cast SailBot with fiberglass shell
  • Finalize all project documentation (assembly document, final paper and poster)

A more detailed task list is linked here. Tasks are broken down by either one of the deliverables (poster, paper, assembly document) or as a task needed to finish SailBot.

Below are the three-week plans for each individual team member for the next phase:

Amit Rogel

Matthew Miller

Max Messie

Mike Robinson

Thomas Davis

Erica Kabat

Peer Evaluations

Peer evaluations were done as a reflection of this phase and what we want to improve on for next phase. The document is linked here.

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