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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

The team planned to take the first two weeks to regroup and plan for the build and test phase. This was accomplished by first reviewing the requirements and subsystems that still need to be tested. Due to the transition to remote work during the previous two phases, there were several subsystems and concepts left without physical testing. Our plan is to quickly complete lower-level tests and move on to integrating subsystems to help realize the full design. Tasks were identified based on the subsystems and requirements, and a preliminary MSD II schedule was created to outline expected progress. The team set up communication channels to facilitate individual work on each subsystem. Finally, the Bill of Material was revisited and updated with new information on pricing and components. With these updates in place, purchasing orders were placed on materials that are important to early testing or have long or uncertain lead times. Due to the still uncertain nature of in-person work and supply lines this semester, we are working to adapt our schedule and expectations to new problems that may arise. These preparations will be tracked in our risk assessment documents.  

Test Plan Summary

Our test plan aims to ensure that our engineering requirements satisfy their associated customer requirements. Individual subsystems and components, as well as the overall final build, will be evaluated quantitatively against relevant criteria to show that engineering requirements are met and contribute towards customer requirements as expected. At this stage, lower level testing is required to verify elements of the design in order to work on subsystem tests and engineering requirements. Recent purchase orders will allow more tests to be executed as subsystems are built and tested.

The current test plan is given here: MSD2_TestPlan.docx

Project Schedule

This semester follows the build and test phase of the project. Ongoing tasks will be the tracking of risks and problems as we progress, which will only be reduced as subsystems are built and tested. 

Project Schedule: Project Schedule MSD II.xlsx

Risk and Problem Tracking

Now that we're entering the build and test phase, it will be important to assess risks facing the project and track problems that arise. Significant risks were attributed to COVID-19's impact on supply lines and material acquisition. While project work is back in-person, there is still potential for budget and delivery issues, and these remain the largest risks. As project work progresses, risks will be addressed and ideally become less likely.

When risks are realized, they will be added to the problem tracking spreadsheet, which tracks the analysis of and proposed solutions for each problem. 

At this time, a risk related to department budget and COVID-19 has manifested into a freeze on purchasing. We were place several purchase orders before the freeze, but this problem is being closely watched as it could put significant strain on build plans. 

Risk Management: Risk Management.xlsx

Problem Tracking: Problem Tracking.xlsx

Design Review Materials

  • Notes from review
  • Action Items

Plans for next phase

  • As a team, we would like to have built sub-systems and begun testing. Risk and problem tracking will be continued throughout the phase, and we will follow the test plan to ensure that we're working effectively.
  • Each team member has filled out three-week plan documents and attached them below. These documents allow us to reflect on what we have done in the last phase and plan for the next phase. 

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