Intellectual Property Consideration

All Intellectual Properties for this project are intended to be open-sourced and free for public use, as designated by the customer.

Team Setup


  1. Facilitate team coordination and identify lacking capabilities.
  2. Have open communication and transparency
  3. Establish good practice of structured, coordinated documentation.


  • Project Manager and Firmware Lead - Andy Meyer
  • Mechanical and Communications Lead - Ben Palmer
  • Pattern Recognition Lead - Piers Kwan
  • Electrical Lead - Atulya John
  • Testing and Purchasing Lead - Sabrina Ly
  • Facilitator - Mutahir Mustahsan

Areas of Expertise (Skills)

  • Computers
    • Embedded Systems and Firmware
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Image Processing
    • Sensor Calibration
    • Build Systems
    • Test Engineering
  • Electrical Systems
    • FPGA Programming
    • Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators
    • Simulation Tools - SPICE, Quartus 
  • Mechanics
    • Solidworks
    • Machining - Milling, Lathe

Team Values and Norms

Team Values

  • Open Mindedness
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Make the most of what happens

Project Plans & Schedules

Plans for Next Phase

The plans for the next phase of the project for were broken up into team plans and plans for individual team members.


Team Plans:

  • Develop potential design concepts.
  • Identify sensors and other hardware required to accomplish tasks.
  • Develop potential methods for testing.
  • Meet with aero team members about:
    • Battery weight vs. airtime.
    • Structural Integrity given additional payload.
    • Potential testing methods
  • Explore finance options for additional funding.

Individual Plans:

  • Atulya John
    1. Identify micro-controllers that may be useful for the drone.
      1. Talk to Dr. Barrios about suitable micro-controllers.
    2. Research drone power systems.
    3. Talk to Dr. Kaputa in the CET dept. about his UAV project.
  • Andy Meyer
    1. Speak with Dr. Savakis about aerial person detection strategies
    2. Seek and enumerate possible sources for funding from local agencies and organizations
    3. Begin prototyping a ground-based testing harness and setting up software build-and-test (BAT) environments.  Educate the team about these workflows.
    4. Find a project management system that everyone can work with. We are currently looking into JIRA for this task.
  • Piers Kwan
    1. Look into the use of JIRA. Demonstrate the use of JIRA to the team.
    2. Look for sponsorship (Persistent Systems, etc.) when we hone down the telemetry design.
    3. Research autonomous flight.
  • Sabrina Ly
    1. Possibly speak with the aero team about testing harnesses and simulations.
    2. Research different types of thermal sensor and potential cost limitations.
    3. Figure out the other different types of sensors necessary for functionality.
  • Ben Palmer
    1. Talk to topic expert Dr. Crassidis about information resources
    2. Research design tactics to ensure reliability in inclement weather (frame stiffening, waterproofing, wind resistance, etc.)
    3. Research/Sketch frame modifications to evenly distribute weight and improve flight time
    4. Research/Sketch possible modular capacities for sensor packages
  • Mutahir Mustahsan
    1. Research Drone protection/sketch design
    2. Think about/Sketch design for electronic emergency release
    3. Sketch ideas on how to add payload to fixed wing UAV's without compromising flight

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Other Team Resources

Your team may have other resource requirements. With your customer and guide, your team should identify:

  • Team resources are to be determined after the project scope is laid out clearly

Peer Reviews


Provide feedback that enables improvements in effectiveness and efficiency of individuals and the whole team.


  1. Fill out Peer Evaluations after Review
  2. Send to Beato
  3. Decide whether Evaluations will be anonymous or not


  • Official Guide communication will use emails
  • All team progress and information will be added to Confluence
  • Extra team documents are stored in Google Drive under the group folder
  • Team communications will utilize Telegram
  • All customer clarification will be go through Andrew Meyer

Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Gate Review page, as well.

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