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Activate Your Course Folder in Panopto

This process is required for each course that you want to add videos to. You need to do it once per course section per semester. Note that Panopto cannot be activated in development shells, only SIS-listed courses. If you need to set up future courses, instead review Use all my videos for a course in a later semester and Create new videos for a course before a course shell is generated.
  1. Verify that the Panopto link is added to your course's navigation bar (nav bar). It may be listed under the "More" dropdown in the navbar. If you do not have this link, you will need to re-customize your nav bar to manually add this link.

  2. Click the Panopto link in the navigation bar to create your course folder and sync the student roster to that folder. This will also open the Panopto web portal in a new tab. You can close this tab if you do not need it yet.
    Panopto in Course Navbar

Note that students don't need to do anything in particular to sync their account. However, the first time they access a Panopto item in a course, they may get a message asking if they want to allow Panopto to access their information. If you or they get this message, check the box to not ask you again and click Continue.

Those using Safari may also receive a "not accepting cookies" error or an error where Insert Stuff does not display the correct information. If either of these errors occur, follow the instructions at the links provided.

Methods for Accessing Panopto

After activating your course folder in Panopto, you can access Panopto through myCourses integration or through the Panopto web portal directly. Below is a comparison.

myCourses Integration

Panopto Web Portal

How to access

From any HTML editor in myCourses, click the Insert Stuff button.

From within myCourses, click the Panopto link in your navigation bar. A new tab opens with the Panopto web portal.

Scope of use

Limited to recording and uploading videos to Panopto, then inserting those videos into course materials.

Access to all features and settings in Panopto.

Additional things to know

If you click the Panopto navbar link in myCourses, it will open your course folder in the Panopto web portal. Both students and faculty can access the Panopto web portal this way.

The Panopto web portal contains all of your course folders as well as a "My Folder". Your My Folder can be used to store your in-progress videos since only you see videos in this folder. The videos can be moved to the appropriate course folder when they are ready and it will automatically add the students of that class to the sharing settings for that video.

For details on using the Panopto web portal, review How to Navigate the Video Library.

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