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Page: Adding Widgets to a Course
Page: Additional documentation
Page: Additional Instructor Information
Page: Administration
Page: All Frequently Asked Questions
Page: All Labels
Page: Archived Known Issues


Page: Barnes & Noble FacultyEnlight - Instructor Documentation
Page: Basic Introduction


Page: Cengage - Instructor Documentation
Page: Cengage - Student Documentation
Page: Changing a users role in a course
Page: Classlist - Known Issues
Page: Classlist - Supplemental Documentation
Page: Classlist Tool
Page: Content - FAQ
Page: Content - Instructor Documentation
Page: Content - Known Issues
Page: Content - Tutorials
Page: Content - User Documentation
Page: Content Tool
Page: Copying a previous course
Page: Course Builder - FAQ
Page: Course Builder - Instructor Documentation
Page: Course Builder - Known Issues
Page: Course Builder - Tutorials
Page: Course Builder Tool
Page: Course Design Accelerator
Page: Course Design Accelerator - FAQ
Page: Course Design Accelerator - Known Issues
Page: Course Design Accelerator - Tutorials
Page: Course Merges
Page: Creating course shells


Page: Discussion assessments are not compatible with group discussions
Page: Discussion: Reading, Posting, Replying- Video Tutorial (captioned)
Page: Discussions - FAQs
Page: Discussions - Instructor Documentation
Page: Discussions - Known Issues
Page: Discussions - Tutorials
Page: Discussions - User Documentation
Page: Discussions Tool
Page: Dropbox - FAQs
Page: Dropbox - Instructor Documentation
Page: Dropbox - Known Issues
Page: Dropbox - Tutorials
Page: Dropbox - User Documentation
Page: Dropbox Tool
Page: Dropbox tool renamed to Assignments and expanded


Page: Email
Page: Email - Known Issues
Page: Embed a Library database search
Page: Embedding Ensemble Video Code in myCourses Content


Page: Faculty - Adding a News Item
Page: Faculty - Assessing Discussions
Page: Faculty - Creating Content
Page: Faculty - Creating Groups
Page: Faculty - Emailing Students
Page: Faculty - Entering Grades
Page: Faculty - Grading a Quiz
Page: Faculty - Question Library
Page: Faculty - Quiz Submission Views
Page: Faculty - Setting Up Dropboxes
Page: Faculty - Using GradeMark
Page: FAQ - Instructor Documentation
Page: Feature Requests / D2L Product Ideas Exchange
Page: Feature Requests of interest to the RIT Community
Page: Files - FAQs
Page: Files - Instructor Documentation
Page: Files - Known Issues
Page: Files - Tutorials
Page: Files Tool
Page: Films On Demand - Instructor Documentation
Page: Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Tool


Page: Get ready for myCourses
Page: Getting a Student view through Role Switch
Page: Getting Started
Page: Glossary - FAQ
Page: Glossary - Instructor Documentation
Page: Glossary - Known Issues
Page: Glossary - Tutorials
Page: Glossary Tool
Page: Google Apps at RIT Integration
Page: Grademark, Rubrics, Grades Via Dropbox: What Do Students See?
Page: Grades - FAQs
Page: Grades - Instructor Documentation
Page: Grades - Known Issues
Page: Grades - Tutorials
Page: Grades - User Documentation
Page: Grades Tool
Page: Groups - FAQs
Page: Groups - Instructor Documentation
Page: Groups - Known Issues
Page: Groups - Tutorials
Page: Groups Tool


Home page: Home
Page: Homepage and Navigation Bar - FAQs
Page: Homepage and Navigation Bar - Instructor Documentation
Page: Homepage and Navigation Bar - Known Issues
Page: Homepage and Navigation Bar - Tutorials
Page: Homepage and Navigation Bar Tools
Page: Homepage Customization
Page: How do I add a YouTube video to a question?
Page: How do I change my email address in myCourses?
Page: How do I edit my post?
Page: How do I submit my assignment to the dropbox in my course?
Page: How do students see their grades in the Grade Book? Changing my role to Student does not let me see this. (Updated June 12, 2009)
Page: How to take a screenshot
Page: HTML Editor
Page: HTML Editor - Documentation
Page: HTML Editor - Tutorials


Page: I cannot find the syllabus or outline, where do I find that information?
Page: I entered the first grades in a category and now it says "Dropped" so what do I do now?
Page: I have uploaded files to mycourses successfully but students keep telling me that they cannot see the files.
Page: iClicker Integration - Instructor Documentation
Page: Instructional Design Wizard
Page: Instructional Design Wizard - Instructor Documentation
Page: Intelligent Agents - FAQ
Page: Intelligent Agents - Instructor Documentation
Page: Intelligent Agents Tool
Page: Internal Error on Log In



Page: Known Issues


Page: Learning Repository - Instructor Documentation
Page: Learning Repository Tool
Page: Links - Instructor Documentation
Page: Links Tool
Page: Locker - Instructor Documentation
Page: Locker - User Documentation
Page: Locker Tool


Page: MacMillan LaunchPad Integration - Instructor Documentation
Page: MacMillan LaunchPad Integration - Student Documentation
Page: Manage Dates - Instructor Documentation
Page: Manage Dates Tool
Page: McGraw-Hill Campus Integration - Instructor Documentation
Page: McGraw-Hill Campus Integration - Student Documentation
Page: Metadata - Instructor Documentation
Page: Metadata Tool
Page: Multiple Short Answer Questions Graded Incorrectly
Page: My Courses - Finding your courses
Page: My Gradebook converted from the old myCourses, but I want to add Categories to it and don't see how. Advice?
Page: My Home and Preferences
Page: My Home and Preferences - FAQs
Page: myCourses accounts for non-RIT users
Page: myCourses external development
Page: myCourses Information Feeds and Dates
Page: myCourses Theme Update - Dec, 2014
Page: myCourses Update - Summer, 2017


Page: News - Instructor Documentation
Page: News - Tutorials
Page: News - User Documentation
Page: News Tool
Page: Notifications
Page: Notifications - User Documentation



Page: Padlet Widget
Page: Page Scrolling disabled after updating Module or Topic description
Page: Pager - Documentation
Page: Pager Tool
Page: Pearson MyLab & Mastering Integration - Instructor Documentation
Page: Pearson MyLab & Mastering Integration - Student Documentation
Page: Pearson Revel Integration - Instructor Documentation
Page: Pearson Revel Integration - Student Documentation
Page: Points grade display not available for a Weighted Final Grade
Page: Portfolium Integration - Instructor Documentation
Page: Privacy and Security


Page: Questions from Peer2Peer
Page: Quizzes - FAQ
Page: Quizzes - Instructor Documentation
Page: Quizzes - Known Issues
Page: Quizzes - Tutorials
Page: Quizzes - User Documentation
Page: Quizzes Tool


Page: Recovering deleted Grade Items and entered grades
Page: Registration - Instructor Documentation
Page: Registration Tool
Page: Release Conditions - Instructor Documentation
Page: Release Conditions - Tutorials
Page: Release Conditions Tool
Page: Renaming Course Titles
Page: Restoring or Recovering Deleted Information
Page: Restrict student access to download dropbox submissions
Page: Rubrics - Instructor Documentation
Page: Rubrics Tool


Page: Selectbox grade item type cannot be chosen when creating a new item
Page: Self Assessment - Instructor Documentation
Page: Self Assessments - FAQ
Page: Self Assessments - Known Issues
Page: Self Assessments - Tutorials
Page: Self Assessments Tool
Page: Shared Images
Page: Shared Resources
Page: Some of the students are saying they cannot see all of the discussion topics. Why can I see them but they can't?
Page: Speed up the Grades tool
Page: Students - Course Home Overview
Page: Students - Taking Quizzes
Page: Students - Using Dropboxes
Page: Students in a merged course cannot see the entire classlist
Page: Submitting final grades to the Registrar is not available
Page: Supplemental Documentation
Page: Support - Academic Technology Support
Page: Support - Information & Technology Services
Page: Survey - Instructor Documentation
Page: Survey as a Peer2Peer Alternative
Page: Surveys - FAQ
Page: Surveys - Known Issues
Page: Surveys - Tutorials
Page: Surveys Tool
Page: System Status and Maintenance


Page: The professor says there are more discussion topics than the ones I see. Why can't I see them all?
Page: Third-Party Integrations
Page: TreeNavigation
Page: Turnitin Integration Update


Page: Unable to log in
Page: User Name Policy
Page: User removed from Classlist each day
Page: Using the HTML Editor
Page: Utility Pages



Page: What access is granted to each Role in a course?
Page: What are acceptable characters in filenames on myCourses?
Page: What are SCORM reports?
Page: What file types are supported on myCourses?
Page: What information can faculty see about my usage of myCourses?
Page: What is the difference between locking and hiding a discussion topic?
Page: Why can't I create anything in the Discussions area?
Page: WileyPLUS - Instructor Documentation
Page: WileyPLUS - Student Documentation





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