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Connecting to CIS resources

The CIS account is used for CIS Email as well as CIS services authentication.

To connect to your CIS user account, SSH can be used.

New Accounts

Approval for a CIS computer account must be sent to CIS Help from one of the individuals below:

Faculty Adviser or Sue Chan

Head of Research Group or Dr. Stefi Baum


Dr. Stefi Baum

CIS Computing Guide

Please review the CIS Computing Guide before activating your account.
After we have recieved the appropriate approval, your account will be generated. This account will be the same as your RIT account (ie. abc1234). Stop by the System Administrator's office to fill out the appropriate paperwork and activate your account.

Send and receive email from a address
Log in both locally and remotely to the UNIX workstations
Use Macfusion to access your CIS home directory

How to Change your CIS Password

Remember to change your password every 3 months!

To change your CIS password:

1. Login to any of the UNIX machines and at the prompt type passwd

2. You will be asked for your old password. Type in your old password at the prompt and hit return.

3. You will then be prompted for a new password. You will be prompted to enter it again for confirmation. Please follow good practice when choosing a password. Things like your birthday or your puppies name really aren't acceptable and put you at major risk. Try to use a mixture of upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers.

It should then tell you that you password has been successfully changed.

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